Elton John and Brandi Carlile Go Deep on the Music That Means the Most to Them in Pitchfork’s New Video Series

The “Simple Things” collaborators on the meaning behind their new track, the artists and songs that have meant the most to them—from the Beatles to Sister Rosetta Tharpe and more—in the launch of the series “Pass the Aux”
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Pitchfork is excited to announce the launch of a new video series, “Pass the Aux.” In these videos, we present artists with various life situations—from the ecstatic to the existential—to find out what songs they would play in each circumstance and why. Along the way, they’ll get the chance to go deep on the music that has meant the most to them.

The first episode of “Pass The Aux” features Elton John and Brandi Carlile, longtime friends and collaborators on “Simple Things,” one of the tracks on John’s new album, The Lockdown Sessions. John and Carlile reflected on their early musical influences, the tracks that have left a lasting impact, and the personal significance of their new collaboration.