Jamie xx Returns With New Song “It’s So Good”: Listen

The xx producer is back with his first solo track since 2022
Jamie xx
Jamie xx, June 2023 (Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

Jamie xx has released the new song “It’s So Good.” It arrives as part of Chanel’s new Coco Crush campaign. Listen to the track below.

“It’s So Good” is Jamie xx’s first solo song since 2022. That year, the xx producer shared “Let’s Do It Again” and “Kill Dem,” as well as a remix of his bandmate Oliver Sim’s “GMT.” While Jamie xx released no songs of his own last year, he did collaborate on music with Skrillex and Romy.

According to Romy, the xx are working on an “exciting new album.” The band’s next full-length will follow 2017’s I See You.